My Father,
As I come to you in prayer,
I kneel before you and think how my heart is in such despair,

I have so many tears in the wells of my eyes,
But Father, I have no more to even cry,

I know this fight is not about black or white,
However, who is the one that give someone a right,
to men of such hatred, to fly a plane into a building
Were so many people had to die unwilling?

Father, my life has changed now,
Good versus evil evade my thoughts, because all in one day,
So many lives Jesus has paid for and bought.

My Father, I wonder now who will make this all right,
The planes that drop bombs from the air in mid flight?

Or your compassionate love for mankind,
That sees only our hearts and minds?

Father, I know at this time so many are asking you,
"Why would you let this happen to my child,
my sister, my brother or my mother
When you could have chosen so many others?"

That is not for us to question or doubt,
Because this is something that Satan has brought about,

Father, you may not even give answers as to "Why",
But our faith in You should keep us standing fast
And holding our heads very high.

If this nation is to stay strong,
I know your will must correct the wrong,
of the evil that has been bestowed upon us
That will be over before long.

As I knell before You on bended knees,
I pray, Father, that you protect my family, the world and me...

May God Bless Us All...

By:  Jimmie Lewis, Jr.

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