Monday - Wash Day

Lord, help me wash away all my
selfishness and vanity, so I may
serve you with perfect humility
through the week ahead.

Tuesday - Ironing Day

Dear Lord, help me iron out
all the wrinkles of prejudice.
I have collected through the years
so that I may see the beauty in others.

Wednesday - Mending Day

God, help me mend my ways
so I will not set a bad
example for others.

Thursday - Cleaning Day

Lord Jesus, help me to dust
out all the many faults I
have been hiding in the
secret corners of my heart.

Friday - Shopping Day

O God, give me the grace to shop
wisely so I may purchase eternal
happiness for myself and all
others in need of love.

Saturday - Cooking Day

Help me, my Savior, to brew a
big kettle of brotherly love and
serve it with clean, sweet bread of
human kindness.

Sunday - The Lord's Day

O God, I have prepared my house
for you. Please come into my heart
as my honored guest so I may spend
the day and the rest of my life
in your presence.

Submitted by: Wendy Moore


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