Through The Eyes Of A Child

When I look at a patch of dandelions,

I see a bunch of weeds that are going

to take my yard over.  My children see

flowers for Mom and blowing white

fluff you can wish on.

When I hear music I love, I know I can't

carry a tune and don't have much rhythm

so I sit self consciously and listen.  My children

feel the beat and move to it.  They sing out

the words. If they don't know them, they

make up there own.

When I pray I say Thee and Thou and grant

me this, give me that. My children say, GOD,

Thanks for my toys and my friends. Please

keep the bad dreams away tonight. Sorry,

I don't want to go to Heaven yet.  I would

miss my Mommy and Daddy.

When I feel wind on my face, I brace myself

against it.  I feel it messing up my hair and

pulling me back when I walk.  My children close

their eyes, spread there arms and fly with

it until they fall to the ground laughing.

I wonder if we are given children to

teach or to learn from?

No wonder GOD loves the little children.

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