September eleventh two thousand one,

The day had barely just begun

Who would have guessed such horror lie,

From out of nowhere in the sky,

Two jumbo jets would crash the site,

And leave two towers in its plight,

To lie in ashes, dust and smoke,

And claim the lives of innocent folk.

I hear the cries and feel the pain,

Of every soul that doth remain,

Beneath the rubble, trapped below,

A glimmering hope of rescue show,

Reality screams as time slips by,

The silent hush of every cry,

Our hearts are broken and dismayed,

As all our loved ones at rest are laid.

Many will ask, "How can this be?"

"Where was GOD? Did He not see,

The Danger that would take from me,

Our friends, our hope our family?"

Be rest assured that GOD was there,

In silent anguish and despair,

Knowing what was meant to be,

Yet stepping back to set us free.

We needed once again to find,

The faith our nation left behind.

We took away the prayers at school,

And all were told this was the rule,

That no where in a public place,

Was the image of GOD to show his face.

As GOD was quietly ushered out,

All our morals got turned about.

The name of GOD became a swear,

And no one seemed to really care,

That GOD no longer held a place,

Among our nation's human race.

Yet now that tragedy taints our day,

We suddenly cherish the right to pray.

It's funny how our hearts have changed,

How all our priorities are rearranged.

GOD never left our nations side,

But stood in silence and quietly cried.

As laws were passed from day to day,

That sent our loving LORD away.

It seemed the criminal had more clout,

And sex was in, but faith was out.

And one by one we went astray,

As all were told we must not pray!

Our forefathers built this mighty land,

And weren't ashamed to take a stand.

They won the battles and saved our sod,

And claimed, "One Nation Under GOD".

They raised the flag and GOD was praised,

As all the world stood so amazed!

Our LORD had brought us victory,

And made our nation truly free.

Now perhaps we all will see,

Throughout this horrible tragedy,

That hope is still within our reach,

If only our children we would teach,

To love each other black or white,

To put GOD first and do what's right.

To stand together side by side,

Upholding patriotic pride.

So bring back prayer! Please hear our cry!

We need you Lord! Don't let us die!

Our nation turns its eyes to You,

With prayers for peace and wisdom too.

We never should have tossed aside,

The faith our forefathers held with pride.

They died that freedom ours would be,

The home of the brave, the land of the free.

Those people never died in vain,

The ones that were aboard the plane,

That never reached its targeted source,

As terrorist without remorse,

Were headed straight for Washington,

To put our nation on the run.

GOD Rest their souls. You've made us proud.

Our freedom rings out long and loud!

But overwhelming sadness breaks,

Within our hearts its sorrow takes.

How long will all that we have seen,

Remain within our very being?

As time goes by, will we forget,

The lessons learned from all of it?

I pray that now this world may see,

That GOD can bring us unity.

GOD Bless America!!

By: Rebecca Jones (Sept. 2001)

God Bless America!

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