Sending An Angel To You


May You Always Have An Angel By Your Side

Watching Out For You In All The Things You Do

Reminding You To Keep Believing In Brighter Days

And Finding Ways For Your Wishes And Dreams

To Take You To Beautiful Places

Giving You Hope That Is As Certain As The Sun

Giving You The Strength Of Serenity As Your Guide

May You Always Have Love And Comfort And Courage

And May You Always Have An Angel By Your Side

Someone There To Catch You If You Fall

Encouraging Your Dreams Inspiring Your Happiness

Holding Your Hand And Helping You Through It All

In All Of Our Days, Our Lives Are Always Changing

Tears Come Along As Well As Smiles

Along The Roads You Travel,

May The Miles Be A Thousand Times More Lovely Than Lonely

May They Give You The Kind Of Gifts That Never, Ever End:

Someone Wonderful To Love And A Dear Friend In Whom You Can Confide

May You Have Rainbows After Every Storm

May You Have Hopes To Keep You Warm

And May You Always Have An Angel By Your Side!

Author: Emilia Larson


You Have Been Sent A "Friendship Angel "
From Someone Who Adores You And Cares For You Deeply
Send This Promise Back To Them
So They Know That You Care For Them Too.
Why Don't You Send A "Friendship Angel" To All Your Friends?
Just To Let Them Know You Care.

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