~An Angel's Prayer~

I say my prayers each day,
and I repeat them every night...
Because I know that when I do,
my life will be alright...
Somehow the Angels comfort me,
when ever I have tears...
And always they encourage me,
to overcome my fears...
I tell them all my troubles,
when they seem to much to bear...

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And I put my faith and confidence,
in their almighty care...
With all of lifes daily problems,
I know that they are on my side...
They will be there for me forever,
to love, to rule and to forever guide...
So I say my prayers real slowly,
and I mean each word I say...
Because I need the heavens above,
to hear me when I pray.

By, Martina Tarandek

Send Angels To All Your Friends.
Reminding Them That They Are Always Being Watched Over.

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