Teddy Bear Hug

No Moving Parts, No Batteries.
No Monthly Payments And No Fees;
Inflation Proof, Non-Taxable,
In Fact, It's Quite Relaxable;

It Can't Be Stolen, Won't Pollute,
One Size Fits All, Do Not Dilute.
It Uses Little Energy,
But Yields Results Enormously.

Relieves Your Tension And Your Stress,
Invigorate Your Happiness;
Combats Depression, Makes You Beam,
And Elevates Your Self Esteem!

Your Circulation It Corrects
Without Unpleasant Side Effects
It Is, I Think, The Perfect Drug:
May I Prescribe, You My Friend.. The Hug!
(And, Of Course, Fully Returnable!)





If you send this to 15 or more people:
The person you like will ask you to go on a date.

If you send this to 10 people:
The person you like will call you.

If you send this to 5 people:
The person you like will ask for your number.

If you don't send this to anyone:
I guess nothing will happen.
But you should really give at least one person hug you cheapo!

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