This Is A News Warning!!



A Serious Epidemic Has Hit Our Town.




Everyone Infected Is Chanting..



Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile

Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile



And Singing..

Smiling Is Infectious,
You Catch It Like The Flu,
When Someone Smiled At Me Today,
I Started Smiling Too.

I Passed Around The Corner
And Someone Saw My Grin
When He Smiled I Realized
I'd Passed It On To Him.

I Thought About That Smile
Then I Realized Its Worth,
A Single Smile, Just Like Mine
Could Travel Round The Earth.

So, If You Feel A Smile Begin,
Don't Leave It Undetected
Let's Start An Epidemic Quick,
And Get The World Infected!



Its More Crazy Then Wacko, Texas!



Lock Your Doors,

Stay Off The Streets..



You Could Catch The

Smile Epidemic

Pass The Smile Epidemic To All Your Friends

And Brighten Up their day!

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