The night was windy & rainy
When my baby arrived,
So precious and sweet
I just looked at her and cried 

Chubby little cheeks,
Eyes greenish blue
She was so adorable,
I just can’t tell you 

A “Mama’s girl” they called her
Cried when I went away,
I hold her close to me
“I love you so much, I’d say.

  I was the center of her life
Except for one other,
She loved her sister so
She was her second mother.

  She looked up to her sister
The eldest of the two,
She always wanted to be like her
Copy all she would do.

  One day she’d cling to me
Saying “Mommy, Please don’t go!”
Then one day I couldn’t help but notice
The reverse was ever-so.

I saw her walk out
Waving and smiling as she went,
Seeing my baby grow
The gift that God had sent.

  She became her own person
No longer copying anyone,
She was so independent
So yearning to have fun.

  Each time she’d walk out
Her wings grew an inch,
I realized letting her go
Would be far from a cinch.

  My baby grew wings
To fly from the nest,
It hurts to see her go
But it must be for the best.

  As I saw her wings spread
I realized one thing,
My love for her goes with her
I helped her grow each wing.

Written by Chris for her daughter Carrie
on her graduation day May 31, 1998

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