Personality Test II

Select a shape below that appeals to you the most and then scroll down to read about your personality.

These shapes were developed by a psychologist. They have been tested worldwide, over a period of several years. As we received feedback from our research, we carefully adjusted the color and/or form of each shape, then tested again, until we were left with a highly successful set of shapes. These represent the nine basic personality types.

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You tend to be headstrong and deliberate in your actions. Basically you don't care about anyone, and must always be right. Most people hate you but you couldn't care less. You could walk around with booger in your nose and care less.

Warm and caring are your most endearing characteristics. You get along well with most people because you're so care free. You hardly ever wear underwear and sleep in the nude.

You have a business like attitude to life and a knack for making money. You're an unscrupulous person who would sell relative's limbs to buy a new Porshe.

The adventurous type, always looking for thrills and willing to try
anything. In other words, stupid. You have the IQ of a garden snail and your favorite word is "Hey Dude"!

You are sharp, a quick thinker and good at puzzles. However these are your only good traits. You are also an Internet addict and and a person who loves classical music.

You are the forgiving type and you don't bear grudges. You are taken advantages of constantly because of your generosity towards people. You are the type who lends people thousands of dollars but never sees it again, but never remembers!


You are the romantic type, soft-hearted and a lover of the arts. You are likely to be very sentimental and "mushy mushy" at heart. You tend to always end up with the wrong boyfriends/girlfriends.

You are deep and personal in your thoughts, the quiet type. This means you're self-centered, and your best friend is probably an altar boy.

You are the academic type and will probably end up working in the legal system. This means you are an absolute nerd!


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